Airo.Life - Free Phone - Dragons Den Filming

Airo.Life - Free Phone - Dragons Den Filming

April 29, 2018

We've been honoured with the selection of being filmed May 14th with possible air to TV in the Fall!

We're confident our Airo.Life Free Phone will revolution the smartphone, carrier and advertising world!

It will help families save anywhere from $80 to $160 a month in Canada at the very minimum and it will also allow access to information, education and open communication to people around the World.

The consumer does not pay for the phone or carrier plan, Airo.Life covers the cost of the high quality smartphone and basic carrier plan in exchange for the smartphone user being subjected to ads.

We're basically paying you for ad streaming across your phone, the ads are tailored to your interests, geo location etc.

On Friday, April 20th - Michael Wekerle of Difference Capital, Michael responsible for the Initial Public Offering ( IPO ) of Research In Motion / Blackberry in the past has agreed to help propel Airo.Life as he firmly believes in the Airo.Life Free Phone business model and projected profitability.

Our Airo.Life Free Phone team is growing and current consists of:

Chris Bell - Consultant - Past RIM / Blackberry - Director Global Supply

Sean Taylor - Consultant - Past RIM / Blackberry - Director Accessories

Jeff Thompson - U of W - Professor - Video Production / Editing

Vikas Bhatia - Consultant - BMath and Computer Science Honours - Oversight OS development

Irene Bui - Consultant - Finance - Past Capital Markets

We're currently seeking a highly skilled, proven Android OS developer to join the team in Guelph, Ontario! Do you have what it takes to join the team?

We only accept war horses. Those not afraid to push the limits, work 24 hours in a row if need be to meet deadlines. The rewards are great, however there is a lot of short term pain for long term gain.

Doug Mochrie

Investors or Developers can reach me direct at:

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