The New 100 - The Economic Composition and System of the Future.

The New 100 - The Economic Composition and System of the Future.

October 07, 2019

I've now opened a few presentations with AIRO.LIFE as a company of the future acting in the present.

Gene Roddenberry and Stanley Kubrick's work has always captured my attention for multiple reasons, they both possessed a gift to paint versions of the modern day moving canvas on what the future could be - both horrific or unimaginably amazing. We all possess the capabilities for both. I know that there is .8 acres or .25 hectares of arable land per human being as I've done the math, that there is 800 million people over the age of 65 currently thanks to Ecosia... One can do horrific or unimaginably amazing projects with this information accessible to our fingertips.

We see the horrific aspects in a polluted world of Stanley Kubrick's Blade Runner. Also, the amazing possibilities of Gene Roddenberry's United Federation of Planets with Star Trek - poverty, discrimination, starvation, education, food and health issues overcome / eradicated advancing society to new heights it's never been a kin to. The ability and possibilities to explore the universe ( after we integrate Tardigrade cloud DNA protection for radiation into our own DNA ;) )

Exploring the universe is an incredible notion, to discover where civilizations possibly once roamed cast into extinction as their political and societal advances were second to the advances of technology. And their abilities to maturely deal with technology were not on appropriate par with societal and health understanding.

In Star Trek, there is no more money in this well thought out future. Do people lay down and no longer become productive members of society with such a system? No, but there will always be exceptions. People thrive to compete still, to have societal definition with rank or occupation or simply to live a wonderful life whatever that life may be to each and every one of us. With such a notion it sounds great but realistically we can't go from A to Z through fast advances, it takes hundreds of years or mass threat to make these changes. So we must go through the steps and phases of A, B, C etc. which take time.

Capitalism has been an amazing instrument that has elevated humanity to the healthiest of all time as with overall societal uplifting, there's far more people in the middle class now living out of poverty than ever before. But what of the environment? How have we measured its success? KPIs? Well we really haven't... And we've been getting a failing grade to our environmental stewardship, this in effect has put a number of species in jeopardy as with our own.

Problems are alright to bring up... But you better have a solution otherwise you're just wasting peoples most precious asset which is time. I often will thank people for their time, as we all truly never know how much time we have left. It can all be gone in an instant or a blink of the eye.

Mr. Market was a first coined term in 1949 by investor Benjamin Graham, as an investor character in his book The Intelligent Investor. Warren Buffet was the most successful student of Mr. Graham going on with the success of Berkshire Hathaway.

'In the book, Mr. Market is a hypothetical investor who is driven by panic, euphoria, and apathy (on any given day), and approaches his investing as a reaction to his mood, rather than through fundamental (or technical) analysis. Modern interpretations would describe Mr. Market as manic-depressive, randomly swinging from bouts of optimism to moods of pessimism.

Since Mr. Market is so emotional, it will offer up opportunities for diligent investors to enter and exit at favorable times. When Mr. Market gets too pessimistic, valuations on good stocks will be favorable allowing investors to purchase them at a reasonable price relative to their future potential. When Mr. Market is overly optimistic this may provide a good time to sell the stock at a valuation which is unjustified.' ( excerpt from Investopedia )

Mr. Market has been well and dandy from 1949 to 2000 but in the 60s and 70s some alarms were beginning to sound. Humans were having a dramatic effect on the world and now in present day 2019 they cannot be ignored. Yes the magnetic north is pushing toward Russia making some regions of the world have a placement closer to the equator or further from it but we cannot ignore our effect and the detrimental possibilities if we do nothing, or practice the business as usual mentality.

Who is Miss Market and what does she believe?

Miss Market is a new economic system that needs to be adorned, Miss Market believes in a system of new metrics of measurement of a successful society, GDD not GDP. Gross Domestic Development not Gross Domestic Product – how successful is your country in an embodiment of sustainable capitalism and environmental stewardship. A 50 / 50 system or new 100 composition, those who do work hard and smart should reap rewards for their labours, but we must not have year over year environmental deficits. A system devoted to 50% monetary economics and 50% environmental economics - a holistic system, knowing that we all are connected and our actions do effect others is required.

Grassy hills and mountains with the sunlight

The taxation system of the future is based on the .8 acres or .25 hectares we are lucky to have the entitlement to per human being. Those who live within their .8 acres should not be taxed, those who live outside of what .8 acres of arable land can provide - should be dramatically taxed. Thus in effect, creates a system of minimalism. The world simply cannot afford our material and energy lifestyles - we consumed what the world could give us by July 28th this year. We currently need two earth for our current consumption... Last year our EOD was August 8th - Our consumption habits need to be dramatically changed.

A speculation tax applied to stock trades, thus minimizing market swings and short term or short sided increases and decreases. Companies are once again valued for their value, not on run ups or run downs of emotion or making people a quick buck. A speculation tax would also pay for all healthcare in the US + other nation items.

Direct Democracy enacted. Give the people the ability to steer their governance with online / app voting. Bills / decisions are administered to a segment of the population that represents all socio-economic classes, religions, ages etc. People read the appropriate condensed bills, are tested for short and long term effects - then they vote.

The nation of Bhutan, Estonia, New Zealand + many other nations have tidbits of the start of the future above but its time we enact it more on the worldwide scale.

Countries should be rewarded if a positive annual environment surplus is acheieved and not constant deficits. Perhaps have the World Bank or IMF give the top three nations or the countries who strive for higher KPIs on their environmental stewardship one weeks paid holidays. Imagine the immediate change. :)

I've created AIRO.LIFE to provide the world with free access to information with a means to education to stabilize population growth the right way with more education, and to provide quality subsidized sustainable energy to power homes, data centres and telecom infrastructure as the 'smart' technology will overtake transport carbon footprints in the near future to come.

On Wednesday October 9th, 2019 - The AIRO.LIFE Team launches a campaign that will help cause a shift.

AIRO.LIFE #BeFree #PowertothePeople

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