What is AIRO.LIFE?

What is AIRO.LIFE?

January 10, 2021

AIRO.LIFE is more than just a smartphone, telecommunications and platform for content and advertisers. AIRO.LIFE’s vision is a new paradigm, a new way of doing business and operating globally. We are not just your next smartphone and tech company. We are so much more than that.

Why we Believe in a different way of Doing Business

It is no longer a secret that the planet we live on, Earth, can not sustain our demands upon it for much longer. Our behaviours with respect to the way we consume and produce energy are the largest contributors to our environment's degradation. Not to mention our material requirements like clothes, bottled water, and take away coffee.

Yes, Capitalism has served us well economically. However, by placing 100 percent of the focus on economic performance indicators, we have put our own species at risk. Here are some key statistics:

  • The environment has lost 60% of wildlife
  • 50% of trees have been cut down (Humans need trees to breathe)
  • As the Earth’s temperature rises (Global Warming/Climate Change), phytoplankton in the oceans are dying. Phytoplankton is key to marine food chains, but they absorb human produced carbon dioxide, release oxygen through photosynthesis, and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. Yes, like trees.

The above statistics are relevant because they illustrate that not only are animal species going extinct, but our human species will also soon be extinct. We need to change how our society operates on a philosophical level and then put our words into action.

It’s about what You Represent, what Your Brand does for People and Planet, and how Your Company improves the World

Although we all know the above statistics to be accurate, we aren’t changing our behaviour. Most significantly, the big players, the ones who can truly make a difference, are beholden to the system that made them. A solely economically driven system demands unrealistic quarterly growth, which places humanity and the environment at ever increasing risk.

Talking the talk is no longer enough.

At AIRO.LIFE, we are different because we are changing our behaviour. Not only are we changing our behaviour, but our company came into being because we believed that something better, something more than the status quo was and is possible. AIRO.LIFE’s ethos is based on creating a new way of existing, not only in business but also for the planet and the people who live on the planet.

We are proposing and operating in the system of Sustainable Capitalism, a holistic system that values more than just profit. Fifty percent monetary economics and fifty percent environmental economics. Doug Mochrie, AIRO.LIFE Founder knows and believes that "There’s no point in the profitability of companies without the profitability of the environment."

AIRO.LIFE’s aim with profitability is a 50/50 split and an example, a leader, for future corporations. To be fair, investor return is a cost we take into account before profitability. What does that mean? It means that out of 100 percent profitability, 50 percent goes back towards people and the planet.

Instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the global measuring stick for a country's economic well-being, we suggest that Gross Domestic Development (GDD) becomes the global measuring stick for a more complete picture of what prosperity means.


Our mission is to allow access to information with a means to education for a more informed world. And to do this, we will be disrupting some pretty big industries like telecommunications, content and advertising. For more information on that, please read our blog, “The Telecommunications Industry is Broken.”

How are we going to achieve the above? By providing the world with a free smartphone and data plan – yes, free, hence the Be Free Phone. The free smartphone and data plan are the delivery system. Laying at the centre is staying true to our mission and our four pillars:

  1. People
  2. Planet
  3. Passion; and
  4. Profit


We’re allotting 25% of our profitability towards the communities in which we tread by elevating their prosperity. How are we doing this?

We are providing them with free access to information with a means to education, and donating to organizations such as Heartwood Place that support homelessness and reintegrating people back into society. Studies have shown that $1 dollar invested into such organizations equates to $8 dollars generated in the local economy annually.  To put it simply - People need homes to have bank accounts and jobs.


Twenty-five percent of our profitability is allotted to tree planting, carbon sync and whale preservation initiatives. We have done our research; two of the highest impact activities for reducing carbon emissions are tree planting and the preservation and support of whale populations.


Our entire vision is based on shifting the paradigm, as we have discussed in detail. We are passionate about the environment, our mission and vision. There are a handful of countries around the world that stand with us. We are taking a risk, yes, but the time has come for a change, and we want passionate people who trust in us and what we, together, can achieve.


Despite what some might perceive as lofty goals, we know that we must take care of our investors' needs for a healthy return. We are wholeheartedly committed to this, but not at the expense of our Ethos. 


AIRO.LIFE stands for what is possible. For making the world a better place. For ensuring that we still have a planet to live on for many generations to come. For disruption. And that we can do all of the above while being financially viable.

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