World War 3 has commenced.

World War 3 has commenced.

September 25, 2018

With current political tensions simmering, war has been looming and a concern…

Some thought World War 3 was going to be induced by tensions between China or North Korea and the US, some AI versus Humans in the future… Some thought it was going to be a war induced by drought / lack of water in various regions of the world pressuring certain nations to acquire basic necessities from other countries forcefully for survival…

But no, a war has already been waging for a quite some time. And we’ve pretty much won…

It has not been a war in the conventional sense, It’s been a war on our precious environment for the almighty dollar. 3 Billion of our 7.64 Billion people work towards a better life, a life of stability and peace for their families, friends and countrymen/women. Citizens of earth all have similar wants and needs in life.

However, life on this planet has been dramatically jeopardized. We’ve eradicated an estimated 74% of earths wildlife, we’ve cut down over 50% of the earth’s trees which in effect has resulted in an almost irreversible atmospheric change and a quick increase in detrimental world temperatures.

We’ve done an excellent job of destroying our planet for future generations and all species that currently call earth home.

Picture yourself as the earth, if you cut yourself in half or more than half - would you function right?

Or the more appropriate comparison, if we change / weaken half your skin or tore 50% of your skin off… Would you get sick? Would your body heat up to fight off a contracted infection with the hopes of getting rid of the disease or virus causing it?

Animals throughout the world and various species perform tasks that keep our ecosystems in line so everyone can live. However, when these ecosystems become greatly misaligned it affects numerous species populations including our own.

Phytoplankton in the ocean which gives us 50% of our oxygen and many other species has been terrifyingly decreasing at alarming rates in just a short period of time.

The record amount of bush fires in 2017 & 2018 due to drought and world heat has been quite alarming worldwide. If you look at world record temperatures from 1850’s to present day in 2018 you’d notice the past two years have been off the charts compared to any other years previously with a steady increase up since 1950.

Our environmental deficit has been also increasing dramatically for quite some time, the downfall with an environment deficit is that we cannot file for bankruptcy, its potential death to our species and many species or life as we know it on this planet.

We still have an archaic system of GDP – Gross Domestic Product, we gauge the success of countries by the number of products, imports and exports to the world.

It’s far overdue for GDD – Gross Domestic Development, what a country produces are important, but how are that countries people – education, health and how that country treats its environment – should be some of the most important gauges. There is no future if we cannot live on this planet.

The financial cost to the Nations and the World of what’s to come is in the Trillions, flooded subways, mass population displacement from storms and new sea levels are just a few examples.

Is there hope?

Leading World Scientists already agree that we’ve gone too far and there’s no point of return. These leading environmental scientists have recently changed their predictions from a sea rise of 1 foot from 2100 to 2050. They’ve admitted they were far off with their forecasts based on the record-breaking temperatures of both 2017 and 2018.

In 2015, I was in Salt Lake City for a press conference of the announcement of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro World Games. I come from the action sports industry as I use to race snocross for 6 years in my teens and early 20’s.

I sat front row in the press room, there was a senator on the main stage and a few other State and City representatives. A Lady by the name of Jackie Biskupski walked in the room with a few associates – she came in and sat right next to me front row with her associates in the row behind and introduced herself as Jackie the Mayor of Salt Lake City and proceeded to ask questions as to my background and why I was there.

She mentioned she was happy to have the Nirto World Games in Salt Lake City however was worried about the carbon emissions from such an event as there was already issues with smog in Salt Lake City as the layout of Salt Lake City is much like a bowl / valley… I asked her if she’s ever heard of David Keith and Carbon Engineering, and how they were working on a method to extract C02 from the atmosphere and create a recyclable fuel for everyday vehicles. This definitely sparked her attention as we were off in conversation as they were trying to announce the unveiling of the Nitro World Games to the World. Jackie’s associates reminded her of why we were there. Not for a carbon extraction machine that could potentially help her city and the World, make a perfectly recyclable fuel but for some exciting tricks and performances for some of the World’s most extreme athletes. We exchanged contact details and she inquired not too long after in regard to the technology for Salt Lake City. What made me smile in our exchange at the Press Conference of the Nitro World Games was the ears that perked up from the Senator not too far away on stage as I mentioned how the carbon extraction machine could make fuel.

Carbon Engineering ( Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ) has a carbon extractor that actually pulls C02 from the atmosphere and can store it back into the ground or produce Hydrogen based fuel ( The World’s first recyclable fuel that can easily replace gas, as of today in can go into any vehicle and replace the fuel - any car, any performance car. Tomorrow we can replace the current fuel with this fuel ). Hydrogen actually makes the most sense out of all renewable energies, the supply is recyclable and in mass availability in our atmosphere.

Carbon Engineering recently proved their proof of concept in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada and are now ready to take worldwide orders. We immediately need to deploy 10,000 of the carbon extraction machines worldwide to curb environmental issues.

Here’s a link to their website:

A great HBO episode of Vice actually brought carbon engineering to attention recently, here’s the link:

What surprised me a bit recently was in Joe Rogan’s recent podcast with Elon Musk, Elon stated that there was no way to extract carbon from the atmosphere. I genuinely believe he just doesn’t know of carbon engineering but there could be a good possibility he doesn’t want to acknowledge its existence as its in conflict with his electric vehicles and infrastructure.

In regard to methane emissions which is far worse than carbon ( an estimated 20 to 30 times worse ), there’s 6 billion cows in the world for our meat consumption. Richard Branson and a few other philanthropist have put their capital to work and now say that they’ve mastered the taste of meat with a plant-based substitution. Which will in effect could potentially solve a lot of the earth’s environmental issues - Clear cutting the Amazon forest for cattle, the water resources for cattle etc.

There’s scientist working on ways to deflect sunlight that’s causing an increased amount of heating on earth as we’ve lost a lot of the arctic snow that usually reflects a lot of sunlight away that equates to heat. Cloud creating machines, sand to deflect sunlight on arctic snow are just some of the solutions being tested.

Looking back at all the communication with various organizations and people, Joost Dubois and Boyan Slat’s Ocean Cleanup in 2016, speaking with various researchers in regard to the power of Graphene. There is hope.

Airo.Life has been created for World change, for a habitable environment and healthy society Worldwide – we need to focus on three areas.

1. Banking / Financial Markets

2. Education

3. Media.

We need a conduit where we could effectively change the world in the above 3 areas.

Financial markets are too aggressive short term and do not take the environment into account long term. Politicians always bring up taxing the people or businesses, banks usually make the most in every economy – an increase taxation on the banking systems with no fee increase to the consumer or business is required. These funds should be allotted to environmental and humanitarian efforts.

The above is not a new concept - this is an excerpt from an older Toronto Star Article:

'This era of public and private prosperity — “unrivalled in our history” said then-federal finance minister D.C. Abbott — came after Canada had twice imposed an “excessive profits” tax during both world wars.

Excessive profit, or rent, is an economic term used to describe profit beyond what is needed to keep a business running.

For the first half of the 20th Century, the Star campaigned for establishing and keeping this excessive profit tax in place, repeatedly arguing: “There is, in fact, no better or juster source of tax revenue than unreasonably high profits.”

Under publisher Joseph Atkinson, the Star’s editorial board made this argument for taxing corporate profits in 1946: “A special tax should be levied upon profits in excess of a reasonable amount ... The principle of imposing a proportionately higher tax upon high incomes of individuals is recognized as just, and should be in a measure applicable to the profits of corporations when these are beyond reason.”'

The above excessive tax should be applied to Canada's three major banks, who have been reaping excessive profits. Banks wont leave a country because of higher taxes, but businesses will.

Education – People need to be better informed on what’s going on in the world and the symbiotic relationship we have with our surroundings.

Media – There needs to be more media on inclusion, positivity and less separation propaganda.

In 2017, I figured out how we can help address all 3 areas and pay for it.

Currently my team is working with the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and Communitech in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to bring Airo.Life to market.

It’s great to see people peacefully fighting for equality and human rights, but there can't be a fight for anything if there's no place to fight.

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