About Us

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The world needs change. Our goal is to create a healthy, stable environment for all species on Earth. Achieving this will be no small task, it will require a shift on an institutional level; banking, education, media, and politics all have to evolve.

AIRO.LIFE is here to initiate that shift.

We believe in our 4 pillars of sustainable business: People, Planet, Passion, Profit. We've amassed industry specialists, consultants, and business owners for the development and execution of AIRO.LIFE. Phase 1 is to disrupt the smartphone and mobile advertising. Phase 2: the energy sector.

AIRO.LIFE - Be Free. Power to the People.

Our Team

Vikas Bhatia
Past Senior Developer
RedIron Technologies

Omoseke Fowode Airo.Life Energy Omoseke Fowode
Project Lead
Design Engineer | Project Lead
Solar Shingles




Sean Taylor
Past Director RIM / Blackberry

Chris Bell
Global Supply Chain
Past Director RIM / Blackberry



Ken MacDonald
Content Specialist | Past VP Global News & Discovery

David Worthen
Embedded Computing Systems
President - Connect Tech Inc.







Douglas Mochrie
Founder | CEO
Marketing and Advertising
Past President Holeshot 1 Media







Thank you to all the AIRO.LIFE investors so far!
They believe in our initiative & the benefits to humanity and the World!